The Parish

St Pancras Old Church

The old parish itself is full of so much history and interest – there are two parish churches in St Pancras, two large train stations, and a parish that once stretched all the way from Highgate to near Oxford Street. However, in the 21st Century, the parish is forgotten and only the station reaches out of the shadows…

As the writer Arthur Mee states in his book, London – Heart of the Empire and Wonder of the Word:… who outside these four square miles of North London remembers that St Pancras is also – Highgate! Part of this old famous village is in this long borough, stretching from Oxford Street to Ken Wood, and taking in Camden Town and Kentish Town…”

The parish name and area dates back to at least 314 AD – so it’s a Roman parish first and foremost.

We’ll be updating this section soon on the parish of St Pancras and it’s boundaries.


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