Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Family Grows on Trees?

We have been established for three years and each of our team has a wealth of experience and expertise.

Each team member is educated to degree level, and are members of various Family History societies, including the: Society of Genealogists, The Guild of One Name Studies, Kent Family History Society, British Library, and many more. Our team have an interest in other areas of history, and are thus members of other historic groups or societies, including: the Richard III Society, English Heritage, National Trust and many more.

In addition, we have also written a number of articles and been interviewed on radio and television about genealogy, including a studio interview with Tim Webster on 2UE Radio in Sydney, Australia.

Each of them are on hand to work on your family tree from start to finish.

How long does the research take?

It depends on each customer, but research will normally take up to four – six weeks to complete. We will be able to advise when we start our research. More complicated research (such as accessing information from abroad) can take two or three months.

How much does the research cost?

Our prices are the best around. We offer prices for our research on a case by case basis, and each price will include all of the expenses involved in research – certificate ordering, etc. Look at our Services page to pick what you would like from us – we’ll get back to you in 24 Hours to let you know the price.

Occasionally we also offer special offers, so please do keep an eye out for them by looking at our blog.

How do I pay for the research?

We use PayPal for payments. PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared. They remember everything for you, safeguarding your bank, credit or debit card details. Further information here.

What do you mean by the Paternal Line?

The paternal line would be from a male to his father, to his father, and his father etc.

What do you mean by the Maternal Line?

The maternal line would be from a female to her mother, to her mother, and her mother etc. See “What do you research in Maternal Line?” for more information on what research Family Grows on Trees can do.

What do you research in the Paternal Line?

We will start our research from your Grandfather or Great Grandfather (depending on information received by you), and will explore their father, to his father, etc.

What do you research in the Maternal Line?

We will start our research from your Grandmother or Great Grandmother (depending on information received by you), and can do one of two things:

• We can explore their mother, to her mother etc, or

• We can explore their father, to his father and follow the paternal line

Please note that the research is a bit more complicated, so we offer this service at a slightly higher price than when we research a paternal line.

You also offer research into both the Paternal and Maternal lines, but what does that entail?

We will do your Paternal line as normal, but will also explore your Grandmother/Great Grandmother’s father and follow their paternal line too.

What additional extras do you provide with options A – K?

We offer free extras in options A – K, and these are:

  • Descendent family tree
  • Census information (except 1911, see below)
  • Customer webpage
  • Certificates (some certificates will be ordered to enable us to research your family tree and these will be provided to you with everything else. Each one costs us over £9.)
  • Surname meanings

We will also try to include as much extra information on other members of the family, so that future research can be done by us or you (i.e. their brothers, sisters, cousins, etc). Plus, the more you provide us (i.e. your grandparents siblings, etc), the more we can add to the family tree.

Finally, we will include as many dates as we can for their births, marriages and deaths (if applicable).

Can you go beyond four generations?

Births, Marriages & Deaths were centrally registered from 1837, and normally with four generations we reach to a time before UK central registers. However, if we find that there is potential for more research before we hit 1837, we will let you know and will offer a cost for that. Otherwise, we can research Parish records too (see Parish Records research).

What does the research into Parish Records entail?

Research into Parish Records will always depend on what sources are available. Before we do any research we will first discuss what you would like us to do. Costs can vary, depending on the source, and we would also need to discuss that with you.

Why is there an extra cost for UK 1911 Census research?

The 1911 Census was only released in 2009 and only one website holds the information. We need to pay to research that information and this is included in the price. We believe it is well worth adding this to your research – it can be very useful in providing a bigger and more up-to-date picture of your ancestors. Have a look at our blog for more information.

What does the research into War Records entail?

We will research your ancestors in any British conflicts where records exist, such as the two World War’s and others. These records tend to include various details on what they did in the conflicts. The price will cover any extra costs for this research, but we expect to be able to look into two/three ancestors. Finally, if your ancestors were killed in a British conflict, we will do a free search on whether they have a war grave.

What does the research into Grave Records entail?

We will search for the final resting place of your ancestors. Normally we can do two or three people in the search. However, please remember that a lot of the time, graves were unmarked, so there might not be much to see once we’ve found it for you. Nevertheless, if there is a stone on the grave or another marking, it can provide some really useful facts and dates.

What if you hit a brick wall in your research?

Unfortunately, some research is impossible – your ancestors might not have been registered, or they were missing from censuses, and we end up hitting a “brick wall” so no more research can be done. If that does occur, we will inform you straight away, and depending where we are in the research, will try and offer alternative research (either on another line, or using the other options) for the same price. However, if that doesn’t interest you, we will refund you the amount for the research we couldn’t do. Please don’t worry – this is a very rare occurrence!

I would like to you to get me started on my family tree and then carry on myself. Can you help?

Genealogy is fascinating to do as a hobby, so we can happily get you started. We will research one generation up from your parents or grandparents, and provide you with all the information, so you can carry on. This is offered at a very inexpensive price and includes all the usual extras. We look into both your maternal and paternal lines.

Can I pay for the research in instalments?

Absolutely fine. Once you have filled in the form on our Services page, we will be in touch to ask how you want to pay.

I live outside the UK, but have UK ancestors – will you still do the research?

Absolutely! Contact us and we can set up an easy system of payment using PayPal.

Will you do research on ancestors outside the UK?

We will definitely look into doing research into Irish ancestry, but we would have to take each research request, case by case. Please contact us to see if we can help you.

I want you to research something that’s not on your list. Can you help?

Of course we can. We just need to know what you would like us to look into, so please contact us ASAP.

I am happy with these answers, what do I do next?

Please fill in our form on our Services page. The form enables you to highlight the genealogical services you would like from us. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll get back in touch within 24hrs. If you’re happy with our price, we will then ask for a deposit of 15% from the final price, so we can get started. We’ll also set up a personal Family Grows on Trees page for you, which will show the research we’re doing and provide you with weekly updates. Finally, we’ll let you know how long it will take us!

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