Family Tree Research Services

Family Grows on Trees can either get you started or help you go further into the past. We will assist you in creating and growing a complete family tree, which will include facts and figures on your ancestors and the times they lived in. We will provide a complete picture of your family’s past.

From start to finish a dedicated project manager will produce a personal family tree and at the end of the research, history’s “flickering lamp” will open up a whole new and exciting world. Our research is offered at clear cost levels and we can be as detailed as you want.

Our prices are the best around. We offer prices for our research on a case by case basis, and each price will include all of the expenses involved in research – certificate ordering, etc.

To make things easy we have created a simple interactive form, so you can highlight the genealogical services you would like from us. We’ll get back to you in 24 Hours to let you know the price.

We can offer a number of options for your research.

Option A: Get started with one generation of your Paternal & Maternal lines
Option B: Two Generations (Paternal line)
Option C: Three Generations (Paternal line)
Option D: Four Generations (Paternal line)
Option E: Two Generations (Maternal line)
Option F: Three Generations (Maternal line)
Option G: Four Generations (Maternal line)
Option H: Two Generations (Paternal & Maternal lines)
Option J: Three Generations (Paternal & Maternal lines)
Option K: Four Generations (Paternal & Maternal lines)

Don’t forget we always provide free extras when you purchase an option above, including:

  • A family tree
  • Census information (1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901)
  • Customer webpage
  • Certificates (some certificates will be ordered to enable us to research your family tree and these will be provided to you with everything else. Each one costs us over £9.)
  • Surname meanings
  • and much more…

We will also try to include as much extra information on other members of the family when we come across it, so that future research can be done by us or you (i.e. their brothers, sisters, cousins, etc). Plus, the more you provide us (i.e. your grandparents, their siblings, etc), the more we can add to the family tree.

Finally, we will include as many dates as we can for their births, marriages and deaths (if applicable).

All your genealogy research by family tree experts