familygrowsontrees1From an early age, we learn about the great leaders of the world; the fascinating wars that they won and lost; and their many trials and tribulations. All fascinating, but what about your ancestors? What were they doing at the time? Once you start looking, you’ll be amazed about how much you can find out!

Family Grows on Trees will assist you in creating and growing a complete family tree, which will include facts and figures on your ancestors and the times they lived in. We will provide a complete picture of your family’s past and can either get you started or help you go much further. Our research is offered at clear cost levels and we can be as detailed as you want. To discover what we can do for you please follow the links on the tree or above, or alternatively email us.

We also want to share our knowledge and information, so we have created various free sections throughout this website to help the discerning genealogist and historian. Particular sections to look at are: our Hints & Tips section; FAQ and Gifts


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